Nutritional analysis

Get detailed nutritional information about a product, recipe or ingredient with these tools. Includes everything from allergens to macronutrients, and more.


A low-cost food API giving you access to a ton of recipes, nutritional information and more. Edamam offer licensing on a subset of their recipes too.

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A powerful, low-cost food API that can to do everything from nutritional analysis to building shopping lists and meal plans.

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Another affordable food API giving you access to a wide range of recipes and nutritional information, plus a way to build grocery lists from recipes.

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The "largest verified nutrition database”. Useful for looking up food product and nutritional information. Also includes restaurant lookup based on location (USA only).

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Whisk Graph API

A premium version of the Whisk platform. Look up recipes, nutritional information and make all your content shoppable. Feature-rich but it comes at a price.

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Open Food Facts

An open source database of food product and nutritional information. Data is user-generated so can vary in quality. One of the few tools to offer a database dump.

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That Clean Life

Designed for health professionals, this software platform has everything you need to create PDF meal plans complete with grocery lists and nutritional information.

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