Tools to build your next food app or website

From recipes and nutrition to grocery lists and supermarket integrations, the foodtech toolkit has you everything you need to power your food app or website


A low-cost food API giving you access to a ton of recipes, nutritional information and more. Edamam offer licensing on a subset of their recipes too.

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A powerful, low-cost food API that can to do everything from nutritional analysis to building shopping lists and meal plans.

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Another affordable food API giving you access to a wide range of recipes and nutritional information, plus a way to build grocery lists from recipes.

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Hire a recipe creator

An alternative way to get license-free recipes: hire a content creator on UpWork to adapt recipes, take pictures and write new instructions.

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The "largest verified nutrition database”. Useful for looking up food product and nutritional information. Also includes restaurant lookup based on location (USA only).

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Whisk Shopping List

Make your content shoppable with an easy-to-integrate, free SDK. Create grocery lists and add items directly to an online supermarket basket (subject to local availability).

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Whisk Graph API

A premium version of the Whisk platform. Look up recipes, nutritional information and make all your content shoppable. Feature-rich but it comes at a price.

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Amazon Fresh

Add recipe ingredients and other items directly to an Amazon Fresh basket with this API. Request access via the Amazon Developer portal (you must be logged in).

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Open Food Facts

An open source database of food product and nutritional information. Data is user-generated so can vary in quality. One of the few tools to offer a database dump.

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That Clean Life

Designed for health professionals, this software platform has everything you need to create PDF meal plans complete with grocery lists and nutritional information.

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Google Places API

Help people to discover restaurants, plan routes and much more with Google Maps, available in over 200 countries and territories.

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Looking for something else?

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